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Farmers have now been using our Hühnermobil henhouses as a full-time or part-time venture, as a supplementary branch of business or with a view to generational transition since 2002. Over this time they have been engaged in dialogue with us and with one another. Through our annual surveys, we receive many valuable experience reports from our chicken farmers.

The following are some examples from our brochure “Success stories”, which you can order here.

How important is the “Hühnermobil” business for your overall operation and your personal future orientation?

Günther and Margit Jung (farm shop – conventional and vending machines):

“The Hühnermobil units are a key part of the business, while the other branches of our business have rather become accessories. The arable side is simply there, but in the long run we are no longer dependent on arable farming because of the chickens …”



Sonja and Daniel Böhmer (side venture):

“Personally, the Hühnermobil means more freedom for us. Before, my wife was employed in a managerial position and was out all day; now the Hühnermobils have become her mainstay.”



Anna-Maria and Michael Kneißl (young farmers):

“We took over the family farm when there was still no such thing as a Hühnermobil. Then we thought about it for a whole year and did the maths, before we purchased the first Hühnermobil. Because the turnover on the eggs was so good, we decided on a second Hühnermobil within a week, and then, at the dinner table, we took the decision to go for a third one.”



How has your image changed since introducing the Hühnermobil?

Christoph Leiders (large-scale self-marketer):

“Generally, over the last five or six years, it has changed very positively in the public eye. In 2014 we were awarded the Sponsorship Prize for Organic Farming”



Joachim and Eva-Maria Lüpschen (full-time venture):

“Our image has totally changed, but this was also due to our transition to organic. Round here, we have become the place for animal-friendly poultry farming. People appreciate our form of agriculture much more.”



How do you rate the profitability?

Christoph Leiders (large-scale self-marketer):

“At the beginning we did not expect poultry keeping would inject a large amount of profit into our farming business. But it does contribute very strongly to the market acceptance of our farm and farm shop. In the meantime, poultry keeping has become one of our greatest assets.”



Klaus Bird (farm shop):

“At first we didn’t dare to charge decent prices for the eggs, but now I would advise people to start right away with higher prices, since the egg price is critical. Interested farmers don’t need to worry about the henhouse, but about the marketing concept. Once that is taken care of, the business will run itself!”



What do you particularly like about full mobility?

Christoph Leiders (large-scale self-marketer):

“We love to show the customers how the animals are kept, and they are all very impressed. We are convinced that this is the best way to keep hens for egg production on a professional farm. There is simply no better alternative!”



Sonja and Daniel Böhmer (side venture):

“Simply everything! Naturally, there are also disadvantages, since relocation and feeding are very labour intensive. But the mere sight of the chickens running around freely proves to me that we have done everything right. In addition, the henhouse work is manageable for me as a woman, and I can even take the children with me. They can run around in the field, learn where our food comes from and have direct contact with the animals.”


You will find many more hands-on experiences of our Hühnermobil operators in the brochure Success Stories, which we will be happy to send you.
We can also gladly put you in touch with a reference company in your area, so that you can take a look at the Hühnermobil in practice. Just give us a call or send us an email!