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    Fully mobile chicken farming – a benefit for  everyone!

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Fully mobile chicken farming – a benefit for  everyone!

Farmers benefit from regional marketing
The farmers’ commitment to high quality and animal-friendly husbandry methods is directly experienced and rewarded by customers. The Hühnermobil is a living advertisement with its visibly healthy chickens on green meadows. Every day this means good, free advertising for regional marketing, recognition of the farmer’s work and a positive image for the whole farm. Our henhouse operators confirm all these benefits again and again. The henhouse system adapts flexibly to the development of the farm, the number of henhouses can be increased as the customer base grows and egg sales increase.


Chickens benefit from species-appropriate husbandry
Vital animals reward this form of husbandry with very good health, lasting laying performance and intact plumage. The weekly relocation of the stable prevents silting up and depletion of the soil in the chicken run and prevents a growing incidence of diseases such as diarrhoea and worms. The livestock have permanent access to an attractive exercise area. The daily exercise outside in the green pasture makes it unnecessary to trim beaks or darken the henhouse, because feather-pecking and cannibalism hardly ever occur.


Consumers benefit from tasty eggs and wholesome meat
When customers experience the free-range chickens from the Hühnermobil and have tasted the eggs with their naturally sunny-yellow yolk, they soon notice the difference and become fans of this type of farming. The enjoyment of these products turns into an expression of their own conviction for species-appropriate husbandry in a Hühnermobil, and leads to long-lasting customer relationships.



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