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With the Hühnermobil you build up solid sales channels via direct marketing. This gives you independence and helps you to secure reasonable prices in the long term through contact with your customers. As a result of marketing the eggs, our farmers experience greater popularity for all their products and enhance the image of their farms.
Approximately 40% of our henhouse operators order the second unit within the first year due to the high demand for eggs. And two “BASIS 225” Hühnermobil units already cover about half of a farm’s income*.

For more than 15 years, we have seen our role to be that of partners for the realisation and management of fully mobile chicken farming. We have already advised and accompanied more than 700 companies on this path. We look forward to supporting you with our experience right from the start. From the decision to invest in a Hühnermobil, husbandry issues, all financing and licensing questions right through to the successful marketing of your products.

Calculation of costs
We will be happy to send you our sample calculation, which you can use to carry out an individual calculation of yield; this will also be helpful when applying for loans and subsidies.

Partner for leasing and financing
We can easily put you in touch with partners for leasing and financing who are already familiar with the Hühnermobil and accept the henhouse as security. As far as taxes are concerned, you can make use of interesting special depreciation allowances for the Hühnermobil as a movable asset.

Planning permission
At some locations, it is necessary to obtain planning permission for the Hühnermobil. Of course, we will be happy to assist you with the relevant information and documents.

Licensing procedures
We will also support you in the obligatory approval procedure for operating a Hühnermobil for animal husbandry. This includes the provision of the relevant documents such as calculation of the henhouse space, certificates of compliance with the minimum requirements of animal welfare and husbandry regulations, and reference expert opinions for government and supervisory bodies, and in particular the public veterinarian.

Funding options
Our Hühnermobil henhouses are in principle eligible for financial subsidies under the agricultural investment support programme – AFP for short. We are well informed about this and will be happy to advise you.

See for yourself
You want to experience the Hühnermobil in practical operation? No problem. We will be happy to provide you with the addresses of relevant reference farms in your area. We also offer practice days several times a year and can provide first-hand information on the daily operation of the Hühnermobil.

*Based on the average annual income of farming enterprises calculated by the German Federal Statistical Office at around € 36,000 per year.