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HüMo Basis 225
HüMo base 225

Our success model for your entry into direct marketing.

HüMo Basis 225
HüMo Kombi II

The flexible all-rounder with the plus in possibilities

Our stables have high-quality equipment that makes your work easier.

monitoring stable

Functional monitoring in the stable

Noise system

Noise surveillance system

Chicken Mobile Cloud

Chicken Mobile Cloud

Feed moisture

Feed moisture

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Success examples

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Product brochure

Product brochure: Hümo base 225

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Let your customers take a look at the barn.

With our stables you will not only convince your customers by seeing the chickens in the run. Let your customers take a look at the stable, personally or via webcam.

Spacious interior

Spacious interior of the stable

Airy, bright and clear for animals and humans.


The cozy single-streuna with soft spelled spells enable your hens to exercise your species-own nest building behavior.
Spacious Scharf area

Spacious Scharf area

In the bright crowd, the hens can peck, scratch and swimming even in bad weather.

“Quotes from our customers

“In principle, keeping in the Hühnermobil is the only reasonable laying hens. We chose this model to professionalize chicken preservation. In our view, it is the most animal-friendly product on the German market.”

“The Hühnermobil is a system that can be used to identify 100%IG. It is just addictive! "

“The Hühnermobil not only becomes significantly noticeable in operating income, but also lead to more potatoes are bought. And the Hühnermobil generate valuable fertilizer for agriculture, our largest businesses.”

“The image of the courtyard has changed totally. We have become the address for animal-friendly attitudes. Our agriculture is perceived much more by people. "

“The laying performance will not be better in any stable, it is absolutely in the upper area with us. We don't have any problems with diseases ... "

“At the beginning we did not expect poultry farming in agriculture. However, it contributes very strongly to the acceptance of the farm and the farm shop. In the meantime, poultry farming is accusing a good profit. "

“The lettering of the Hühnermobil was the best advertising effect that we had so far. Within three weeks, 30% more customers were in the farm shop. ”

"At first we didn't dare to take clever egg prices, now I would recommend everyone to start with higher prices, because the egg price is crucial."

“It is just fun to work with the animals. It is an inner satisfaction to do something that can be reconciled with your conscience. ”

“We are happy to show customers the attitude of the animals and everyone is positively impressed. We are convinced that it is the best attitude for laying hens in a professional company. There is simply no better alternative! "

"So far we have consistently had good laying performance of 87 to 92% and almost no break or dirty eggs."

“The most important thing for us is that in our opinion, the single streuna are most appropriate for our hens. You can always see how the chickens look for the eggs with the beak to sit on it for laying eggs.

We advise you on how you will be successful with your Hühnermobil

Our services include:

  • Conveying advice

    The Hühnermobil is promoted in Germany as a particularly animal-friendly posture procedure as part of the agricultural investment promotion program (AFP).

    In Austria there is also a funding of up to 35%. In Switzerland, our stables are BTS and suitable. We know each other and will be happy to advise you.

  • calculation

    On request, we will be happy to inform you how to buy a Hühnermobil and also provide you with a sample calculation with which you can make an individual return calculation. This is also helpful in applying for credit and funding.

  • Financing, tax advantages:

    We discuss with you what options are to finance the Hühnermobil, give you partners who accept and explain the Hühnermobil as security what advantages and disadvantages the lease of the stable has for you. You can use interesting special depreciation for the Hühnermobil as a movable asset for the Hühnermobil.

  • Support in approval procedures:

    In the different federal states, different requirements apply to the commissioning of a Hühnermobil with regard to the building permit. You will receive all the relevant information for your federal state from us. In addition, we support you in all others

  • Understand chickens and work successfully with them:

    Benefit from our years of experience and our expertise around mobile chicken conservation. We provide you with extensive know-how pool of important information on how to handle the Hühnermobil, for herd management and much more. We will continue to accompany you and your herds after buying a Hühnermobil and are available to you at any time if you have any questions and problems.

  • Add to eggs so that you like to come to you again and again:

    Eggs from the Hühnermobil are something special. Customers who once eaten these eggs often don’t want to buy others due to the special taste. We support you in your communication in order to explain the differences between the eggs of your hens and hens from other forms of husbandry to your potential customers.

  • Customer service internal and field service:

    Our customer service is reliable for you on all technical questions about Hühnermobil.

Please contact us:

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    Frequently asked questions about the Hühnermobil

    • What are the advantages of the Hühnermobil for my operation?

      The Hühnermobil is a figurehead for the entire company; The species-appropriate, transparent animal husbandry attracts customers and thus promotes the marketing of the entire product range of the farm.

      The sight of vital hens on green runs, the experience of observing chickens in the entrepreneur or even taking freshly laid eggs out of the soft spell is a permanent memory for their eggs and significantly strengthens customer loyalty.

      Many hundred loyal eggs per year are a guarantee for stable direct marketing and offers many options for the further development of the courtyard.

      After just a few weeks, a good income contribution with the eggs from the Hühnermobil can be achieved. With egg prices between 40 and 60 ct in direct marketing, the investment amount has paid off after just a few years.
      If the eggs from the Hühnermobil are increasing, the gradual acquisition of suitable stable units is possible to build up a must, modular structure of the animal population.

      If the company is closed or replacement of smaller stables with larger stables, the Hühnermobil can be sold again with a high resale value.
      The Hühnermobil is promoted as a particularly species -appropriate form of husbandry; In many federal states there are AFP funding offers up to 40% of the investment.

    • What is the peculiarity of fully mobile laying hens in a Hühnermobil from stable construction?

      The Hühnermobil is designed for self-sufficient operation. All functional areas, the power supply, the water tank and the feed silo are integrated into the barn, which means that it can be used fully mobile. Thanks to the closed base plate and the chassis, the animals in their home are driven to a fresh, green area using a tractor within a few minutes.

      Due to the simple movement every week, the chickens are always available to work and eat that the chickens have enough green growth; The fresh air and the healthy green ensure vitality and a stable immune system of the animals. Kahle, over-fertilized areas enriched with parasites cannot arise.

      A special feature of our Hühnermobil is the single-streakers who enable the hens to exercise their species-own nest building and laying behavior and prevent cloakkanniism.

      Rounded wooden seat rods are also installed in all of our mobile stables, which offer the chickens relaxing resting places during the day and at night. Unlike round metal seat rods, the chickens find a good hold on these seat rods, their chest legs are spared and they are thermoneutral, i.e. they do not heat up and do not cool down.

      The interior of the Hühnermobil is tidy, clear and light-flooded; Spacious ridge windows, lattice ventilation doors and removable stamping plates in the crowd room ensure good air quality that not only benefits the chickens, but also to the animal supervisor. The simple, weekly de-engraving of the fecal band also ensures good air in the barn.

    • How big should the run for the chickens be?

      Depending on the ground conditions, vegetation and weather, 15 to 20 square meters of outlet area are required per chicken. The stable rotates every week on this total area.

      In winter, when the floor is very wet or with snow, the transfer interval can be extended.

      According to egg marketing standard per animal, at least 4 sqm must be constantly available for hens in free range. If there is at least 10 sqm per hen during the lifespan of the inventory, at least 2.5 sqm per hen must be available in each enclosure used. For ecologically economy businesses, every hen must be constantly available at least 4 square meters of outdoor area.

    • Do I have to make a building application for the Hühnermobil?

      In most federal states, a building application must be made for a Hühnermobil. There are exceptions to this in Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and Rhineland-Palatinate.In Schleswig-Holstein, for most of our stable models, there is also no building inspectorate approval process because it is fully mobile laying hen stalls with fewer than 1,000 animal spaces that have a closed floor slab, are provided with a road-compatible chassis and, due to their purpose are mostly used.
      In Bavaria, the scope of building law is only opened for the mobile stables if their location is limited to a few strikes that are limited and there are only insignificant shifts. In contrast, the hiking grazing is. Here the mobile stable should not be set up on a number of areas that can be defined from the outset. In this case, in the opinion of the State Ministry of the Interior, there is no local resistance required for structural facilities. The applicability of the Art.55ff of the Bavarian Building Regulations does not exist and therefore there is no relevant factual situation.

    • How is the advice and where and when can I look at stables and speak to operators?

      Our stables can be found everywhere in Germany and in eleven neighboring countries on almost 2,000 farms.

      After the initial discussion with your customer supervisor from Stallbau Weiland, you will be sent to an extensive information package by post.

      Your customer supervisor is available by phone for all other questions. This remains your permanent contact before and after buying a Hühnermobil from Stallbau Weiland and is available to you for all questions relating to corn conservation, authorization applications, financing models, profitability calculations, marketing concepts and also for your considerations for operational integration.

      You will receive contact details from your customer supervisor with one or more Hühnermobil, which can report on your experiences with the Hühnermobil and give you valuable tips about mobile chicken conservation.

      Of course you are also welcome to visit us in our company in Bad Sooden-Allendorf. We show you our stables and production and you can get to know your customer supervisor personally and discuss your further plans with him in a cup of coffee.

    • How long does the stable last?

      Hühnermobil are calculated over 12 years.

      However, our stables have a much longer lifespan: Hühnermobil that were put into operation in 2002 are still used as full mobile stables today.

      The base frame is made of fire-diped steel tube, the outer shell made of sandwich panels, which are also used in building construction. Both are naturally very durable materials.

      Of course, there are also wear parts that are subject to other useful life depending on the stress (e.g. dung tapes, tie rods, drinking lines). Just like in a car, these parts must be replaced to maintain the functionality of the Hühnermobil – if they are worn.

    Success can be planned

    Find out from many examples of other farmers how they succeeded with the
    Chickenmobils to strengthen their direct marketing and their farm.



    We have the first chicken mobile in 2000 receive. It was such a good success that every half years Another Hümo base 225 was added until it finally seven goods. Because the eggs were still scarce, we are in 2015 switched from the small stables to three Hümo Max 800.
    Good Onnau

    Good Onnau

    The chicken mobiles not only become significantly noticeable in operating income, but also lead to that more potatoes are bought. And the chicken mobile generate valuable fertilizer for agriculture, our largest branch of the company
    Marjoß estate

    Marjoß estate

    it is an easy-to-do work for employees with disabilities, they fulfill them absolutely reliably so that the animals are doing well. Everyone has their manageable area for which they are responsible. The work includes a high meaning and conclusiveness for the employees, and dealing with the animals is like an incentive because the Effects of the work are immediately visible.

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