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    HüMo PLUS Kombi II

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HüMo PLUS Kombi II

The chicken mobile with PLUS options

Like all of our chicken mobiles, the HüMo PLUS Kombi II is equipped for self-sufficient operation and is ideal for keeping laying hens or rearing/fattening them – everyone feels comfortable here.

Permissible number of hens according to TierSchNutztV: 354 animals*
Permissible number of hens according to EC organic regulation: 300 animals*

The stocking density in this stable is 7 animals per square meter of movement space. This means that more area is available to the animals than required by the Animal Welfare and Farm Animal Husbandry Ordinance (9 animals/sqm).

Full mobility

With a closed base plate, food and water tank as well as electricity, it has everything on board. The hydraulic lifting device with individually controllable, wide wheels enables easy and quick moving with just one person with little tractive effort required.

Functional areas

Upper level: Supply and rest area including laying nests

The water storage tank, which feeds the existing nipple and cup drinkers, is located inside and can be filled from the outside
Water level indicator
and comfortable opening for easy cleaning. One Eine UV-Lampe in the water tank is used for drinking water disinfection (optional). A lockable external water connection can be installed for practical outdoor water extraction (optional). The internal feed silo becomes chain feeding with optional Feed moistening loaded. The feeding times can be programmed individually; the feeding control is based on the start of light. The feed tank can be filled practically from the outside; the tank cover is conveniently opened and closed using an electric motor.

Full flexibility:

The HüMo PLUS Kombi II is through the height adjustable Drinking and feeding line can be used for fully mobile laying hen keeping as well as for fully mobile rearing/fattening. Growing chickens particularly benefit from the evergreen area near the coop, which is ensured by frequently moving the coop, because they usually do not move far away from their protective coop.

Fresh air and lots of light:

Good air in the stable ensures that the laying hens feel comfortable and healthy. The service doors around the scratching room with tilting multi-wall panels, the entrance door with removable multi-wall panels and two ensure this fresh air Axial fansJust like oxygen, light must be able to enter the stable unhindered, which is ensured by the generous ridge windows that open and close electromechanically.

Lower level: Generous dry scratching room for activity and personal care

The insulated, littered base plate offers a generously sized scratching area as a valuable activity area. The loose, manipulable bedding provides the animals with good opportunities to keep busy, thereby preventing behavioral problems. The automatic closing of the outlet flaps at dusk keeps all enemies and rodents away at night.

The technically convenient solution

From the hydraulic chassis to the particularly powerful solar generator and automatic feeding to the continuously dimmable lighting – the HüMo PLUS Kombi II makes operation as easy as possible for you

The modern electronic control unit from Siemens with practical Touch panel relieves you of a lot of work in your everyday business. Light, outlet flaps, feeding and feed humidification, window ventilation and triggering of the nest lock can be adjusted individually according to your wishes. You can read the water and food levels on the display and, optionally, the daily level Water and feed consumption your chickens.

The self-sufficient power supply is provided by a powerful solar generator that feeds four internal batteries. An LED display always provides information about the current charging status. You don’t need any external power lines. Most of the time of the year, an electric fence can also be operated with the solar generator.

Live view in the stable – easy and reliable monitoring

An optional one ensures this Camera system from four wireless, battery-charged WLAN cameras. These can be used for functional monitoring in the stable, for animal observation, burglary detection or predator observation day and night. Other functions of the cameras include a siren alarm or a live view. Monitoring the stable is possible at any time and from anywhere.

Flexible usage options – developed from practice for practice

Fully mobile chicken farming offers plenty of potential for direct marketing. At first, many of our stable operators could hardly imagine what was possible. With the various possible uses of the HüMo PLUS Kombi II you can keep all doors open – while at the same time being comfortable when working. Would you like to find out more about the advantages of fully mobile free-range farming, mobile chickens and its success factors for your business? Our consulting team looks forward to your call and will advise you with extensive knowledge and expertise – not just about the chicken mobile, but from the very beginning and continuously for the successful implementation of this branch of the business, daily management and attractive direct marketing.