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We consumers decide what form of animal husbandry

… because products that are selected by consumers hold their own in the market. We influence this on a daily basis with our purchasing decisions. Every day more and more consumers choose eggs, hens or chickens from the Hühnermobil.  – that means practically everyone who has seen and tasted the products from this type of farming.

Tasty eggs with a sunny yellow yolk, healthy hens that have spent all their lives on fresh meadows and a sustainable and economic way of producing regional food – when these advantages are combined, we consumers can consciously enjoy the products, and this in turn makes us loyal customers.

Please read more about the numerous advantages of fully mobile free-range poultry farming on these pages, and convince yourself of the special quality of the eggs and chickens from one of our farmers. After that you won’t want anything other than eggs from this form of chicken farming.