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    Strengthening rural structures

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Fully mobile chicken farming – so that everyone benefits

Rural farms are as diverse as the animals they keep and the crops they grow. The international commodity market has turned the natural cultivation of food into an economic sector in which efficiency is required for farms to remain viable.

Chicken farming for egg and meat production can be an income-generating branch of business for both conventional and organic farms. Species-appropriate animal husbandry and gentle and sustainable land use are an integral part of this approach. As farmers ourselves, we recognised this problem long ago and, after many years of development, designed an optimum solution with the fully mobile Hühnermobil units.

Our farmers have been using the various models of the Hühnermobil for almost 15 years and in our annual surveys confirm over and over again the numerous advantages for consumers and chickens, and at the same time the profitability of this type of farming. With high earnings from the sale of chickens and eggs and, in particular, the image enhancement through direct marketing, the Hühnermobil makes a significant contribution to strengthening farm structures.

What our farmers say about the Hühnermobil:

Joachim and Eva-Maria

Joachim and Eva-Maria Lüpschen:

“The Hühnermobil henhouses not only make a noticeable difference to the farm’s revenue, but they have also made our potato sales go up. And they even produce valuable manure for the arable land – our largest branch of business.”

“Round here, we have become the place for animal-friendly poultry farming. People take much more notice of our form of agriculture.”



Anna-Maria und Michael

Anna-Maria und Michael Kneißl:

“[… we thought] about it for a whole year and did the maths, before we purchased the first Hühnermobil. Because the turnover on the eggs was so good, we decided on a second Hühnermobil within a week, and then, at the dinner table, we took the decision to go for a third one.”



Christoph Leiders

Christoph Leiders:

“In 2014 we were awarded the Sponsorship Prize for Organic Farming. This has made an unbelievable contribution to the credibility of the business, in which the Hühnermobils also play a part, alongside other factors, such as our own slaughterhouse and the closed farming cycle. Altogether we work very transparently and honestly.”



You will find many more hands-on experiences of our Hühnermobil operators in the brochure Success stories, which we will be happy to send you.