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“Oh to be a chicken…”

Chickens are fascinating creatures with particular habits and a strict daily routine. The Hühnermobil is a henhouse system that is ideally suited to their behaviour, requirements and needs. If chickens can keep to their routine and satisfy all their daily pastimes such as foraging and scratching, sand bathing, sunbathing and egg laying in a well designed nest, behavioural disorders such as feather pecking, mislaid eggs or cannibalism hardly ever occur.

As light-loving animals, hens are strongly oriented towards the sun and the hours of daylight. Above all, their activity and rest behaviour is controlled by the daylight and the release of hormones for seasonal egg laying and moulting. The flaps on the Hühnermobil open and close automatically at dawn and dusk and reliably shut out enemies overnight.

Chickens explore their world with their beaks and prefer fresh and delicate green leaves such as dandelion, clover, juicy alfalfa and young grass. Since the coop is relocated weekly to a fresh pasture, and the chickens thus have a lot of space and variety in the run, no beak trimming is necessary in the Hühnermobil.

Chickens reward their keepers for life in the Hühnermobil with natural, lively behaviour, intact plumage, robust health – as none of our farmers need to use antibiotics – and high laying performance. Even at the end of the laying cycle, the animals are still healthy and strong and are very suitable for the pot or oven, as they have led a species-appropriate life with plenty of exercise and healthy greenery every day.


The egg with the “sunny yellow yolk”

Anyone who enjoys an egg from the Hühnermobil cannot fail to be struck by its bright yellow yolk and excellent taste. It looks as if the hens have packed all the sunshine straight into the eggs.
The natural carotenoids in the grass and clover on the fresh green pasture are responsible for this intense colour. When used in pasta production, the colour gives it a particularly appetising and unmistakable appearance. Our loyal customers include not only families, but also numerous hotels, bakers and confectioners who are convinced of the quality and benefits of eggs from the Hühnermobil, and refuse to buy anything else.