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    This form of husbandry makes the difference

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Fully mobile and species-appropriate chicken husbandry. That’s what makes the difference.

For us, the Hühnermobil is more than just a henhouse. It is a philosophy and a true affair of the heart for all of us.
Our intention was to combine consumer expectations of healthy food products with optimal conditions for species-appropriate hen keeping and to help shape a future-oriented agriculture.

If you know where your eggs come from and how the chickens live, the positive taste experience will be reinforced. This is especially so when consumers have been able to visit the farm and see for themselves how the chickens are kept. The enjoyment then turns into an expression of their own conviction and the egg takes on a special value. This healthy quality applies not only to the eggs, but also of course to the meat of the broilers and soup chickens.

The difference lies in the species-appropriate free range form of husbandry in the Hühnermobil, which provides the chickens with a large run, a constant supply of fresh grass, a scratching and picking area and a variety of pastimes out in the sunshine. And at the same time, soil depletion or germ accumulation in the run is avoided by the weekly relocation of the coop.

Fully mobile poultry farming is the logical answer to the demands of farmers, consumers and chickens.

Consumers can experience, see and taste the difference with the healthy animals in the Hühnermobil. Many consumers have already become loyal customers and fans of this form of henkeeping – and they are getting more every day.