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Our Hühnermobil henhouses have been developed by farmers for farmers.

All our models are equipped with the following features, which combine state-of-the-art functions with technical know-how. This considerably simplifies the daily operational routine of fully mobile free-range poultry farming.

IntelligentIntelligent astro Control

Intelligent astro

The astro clock is fed with the location coordinates of the henhouse and then automatically adjusts the opening and closing of the outlet flaps to the natural sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. This intelligent electronic control system saves you a lot of work in your day-to-day routine.

Self-sufficientSelf-sufficient supply of food and water

Self-sufficient supply

All our Hühnermobil models are totally self-sufficient, i.e. completely independent of external supply connections – there is no need for any feed silos or water pipes in the pastures.

Self-sufficientSelf-sufficient energy supply

Self-sufficient energy

The henhouse is powered by powerful rechargeable batteries. The solar panels on the roof supply sufficient energy for year-round operation.

PracticalPractical manure belt with added benefit

Practical manure

For every 100 chickens, you can expect around 5 tons of fresh chicken manure per year in the henhouse alone. Therefore the Hühnermobil is equipped with a practical manure belt. No laborious digging out of manure pits involved here.

ClosedClosed floor panel

Closed floor panel

The wall-to-wall closed floor panel covering the entire floor area is one of the characteristic features of our mobile henhouses. This ensures that the henhouse can be moved quickly and easily with the livestock on board. With the dry bedding, this spacious lower floor serves as a weather-independent scratch area to which the animals have access at all times.

LivingLiving advertising included

Living advertising

The lively chickens pecking on the green pasture around the henhouse are themselves a living advertisement for their product. The large side panel on the coop is ideal for an individual advertising banner. An excellent opportunity to display your key message.

Our current models:


HüMo BASIS 225

Our successful model for your entry into direct marketing


HüMo PLUS Kombi

The Hühnermobil with the PLUS of Possibilities


HüMo PLUS 350

The Hühnermobil with the PLUS in comfort and functionality