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    Fully mobile free-range chicken husbandry with conviction

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A form of henkeeping which benefits everyone

Mobile henhouses are gaining popularity, there’s no doubt about it, and we are very happy about this trend. Since 2002 we have been pioneers of fully mobile henhouses, and as farmers by trade, we have a well-trained eye for the possibilities and challenges of species-appropriate animal husbandry.

With this intelligent form of henkeeping, we offer our henhouse operators a particularly profitable branch of business, and the laying hens a beautiful home with a spacious green run right in front of the door. The customers reward this exemplary free-range chicken husbandry and enjoy the tasty eggs with the sunny yellow yolks as well as the healthy broiler chickens – and come back regularly for more.

Strengthening farming structures is just as important to us as species-appropriate chicken husbandry and  top-quality eggs and hens. The enormous growth in direct marketing due to the free-ranging hens housed in Hühnermobil units strengthens profitability and creates a real future perspective for farms. Our henhouse operators make their animal husbandry transparent and focus on sustainable and gentle land use and the regional supply of healthy food. The numerous advantages and favourable conditions of the fully mobile Hühnermobil henhouses from Stallbau Weiland really benefit everyone.

To us, fully mobile chicken farming is an outlook on life – in every sense.