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    HüMo BASIS 225

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HüMo BASIS 225

Our successful starting model for your entry into direct marketing

Our HüMo BASIS 225 model is perfectly suited for your entry into the direct marketing business. [In Germany,] you are permitted to market eggs from up to 350 laying hens without applying for an official producer number or installing a special egg packing centre. This means that you will be selling unstamped and unsorted eggs direct from the farm.

Livestock density:
according to Eco regulation up to 225 hens (corresponds to approx. 6 hens/m²)
according to Animal protection/Animal welfare regulation  up to 242 hens (corresponds to approx. 7 hens/m²)

The number of hens may vary from country to country


Full mobility

The henhouse is completely self-sufficient. Feed, water and electricity are permanently on board. The closed floor panel, in conjunction with the chassis, ensures that the Hühnermobil is always ready to move. Moving the henhouse only takes a few minutes. Simply hitch up to a tractor and off you go with all livestock on board! Even the grass cover around the henhouse pitch remains intact and greens up again after a short time.

Functional areas

Upper level:
water/feed supply and rest area including laying nests
This area contains the water tank with a supply capacity of at least 1 week, and the feed silos with a feed storage capacity of approx. 2-3 weeks. Roosts are available on raised perches.

Hygienic advantage: practical manure belt

The upper level is separated from the lower level by a plastic mesh floor with a manure belt underneath. The manure belt can be conveniently operated from the outside and thus makes a quick and easy job of mucking out. Weekly mucking out ensures greater hygiene, fewer germs and good air in the henhouse.

Lower level: Dry scratch area for activity and grooming

The closed floor panel with the manure tarpaulin on top is covered with a layer of litter and serves as a scratch area. This permanently accessible and brightly lit area provides a space for scratching, pecking for grain and sand bathing. Automatic outlet flaps open during the day to let the chickens out to pasture and close in the evening to keep predators and rodents out of the coop at night.

Successful direct marketing

We support you with tips, practical experience gained by long-term Hühnermobil operators and sales aids designed specially to help you build up your marketing business. By deciding on a Hühnermobil and fully mobile free-range chicken husbandry, you will be guaranteed top-quality eggs, healthy livestock and extremely satisfied customers.


Gradual expansion possible

Once your sales have got off to a proper start, you can always add more Hühnermobil units as required to expand this branch of your business. This makes you independent of distributors and price dictates.



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