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    We are healthy and lay lots of eggs

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Visibly lively, healthy chickens

Hens spend most of the day instinctively foraging for food: they scratch, peck, and tug at stalks, leaves and other parts of plants… not to mention searching for insects and worms!
The plentiful green pasture around the henhouse is available from morning to night – and shelter from marauding birds of prey is always on the spot. So Hühnermobil chickens are well cared for in every way.

The farmer regularly relocates the Hühnermobil to new pastures, leaving excrement and parasites behind. The large variety of fresh green food keeps the hens healthy and ensures that they keep laying plenty of eggs.

Chickens love to spend time outdoors sunbathing, running around, flapping their wings or even savouring a few raindrops – that’s what a mobile henhouse is built for after all! Just as with humans, this promotes a good constitution and resilience, and with chickens it makes for red combs and shiny plumage.

As the chickens are so well occupied all day long, they do not show much aggressive behaviour towards one another. That’s not self-evident, from what one hears of intensively farmed chickens that are cooped up in small spaces with little to occupy them.

The calm chickens grazing around a Hühnermobil are ideal for educational purposes. School or kindergarten visitors enjoy watching all the activity in the chicken run and never cease to be amazed at all the things they see.