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    Our life in the Hühnermobil

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Plenty of room for species-appropriate living

The great thing about the Hühnermobil is that the chickens always have fresh green pasture to peck at. The mobile henhouse is moved by the farmer to a new pasture almost every week. There the chickens can exercise, peck, scratch, take dust baths, forage for worms and insects… in fact, do everything that means real quality of life to chickens!

In the Hühnermobil the chickens live on two floors: In the upper area there are laying compartments with bedded nests, perches for sleeping, and food and water available.

The cosy bedded nests are something special. They are spread with loose, soft bedding, which means that the hens can build a convenient hollow in which to lay their eggs.

The rounded perches are also popular with the hens. They are made of wood and therefore ideally suited for chicken feet – just like in nature, where they roost on branches.

The capacity of the feed and water tank is sufficient to last one week, so a constant supply of food and water is assured.

The windows let in a lot of daylight, which is ideal for the chickens who are light and sun loving animals.

On the ground floor there is an enticing, large, sunlit scratch area with plenty of fresh air, in which the chickens can pursue their favourite pastimes such as scratching, pecking and dust-bathing whenever they feel like it. This is especially useful during rainy or windy weather because the chickens can take refuge there.

To ensure constant high air quality and few germs in the coop, it is equipped with a manure belt that is rolled out for cleaning once a week.

And last but not least, an automatic control system ensures that the outlet flaps are closed in the evening to protect the chickens from predators and rodents during the night-time.