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    HüMo PLUS Kombi

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HüMo PLUS Kombi

The Hühnermobil with the PLUS of Possibilities

The HüMo PLUS Kombi is suitable for both egg and meat-producing farms. Possible uses include a broiler fattening period in the summer holidays, when your egg customers are on vacation, or fattening the male chicks of your laying hens.

Stock density:
according to Eco regulation up to 300 hens (corresponds to approx. 6 hens/m²);
according to Animal protection/Animal welfare regulation  up to 350 hens (corresponds to approx. 7 hens/m²).

The number of hens may vary from country to country.

Full mobility

Like all our Hühnermobil models, the HüMo PLUS Kombi is completely self-sufficient. The hydraulic lifting device with individually controlled wide wheels enables simple and fast relocation by just one person and with a low traction requirement. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the henhouse provides an independent energy supply.

Functional areas

Upper level: feed/water supply and rest area including laying nests

The polyethylene water storage tank, which supplies the nipple and cup drinkers, is installed frost-proof inside the coop and can be filled from the outside.  The feeder troughs are filled via a spiral conveyer from the feed silo on the rear wall of the henhouse. For fattening operations, the watering line and the feeder troughs are height-adjustable. The group bedded nests are not only very popular with the chickens, but are also ideal for operation on slopes.

Hygienic advantage: practical manure belt

The upper and lower levels of the henhouse are separated by a manure belt and plastic mesh floor. Simple, fast mucking out, at least with each henhouse relocation, ensures greater hygiene, fewer germs and good air in the coop.

Lower level: Dry scratch area for activity and grooming

The litter-covered floor panel serves as a dry scratch area. This brightly lit area meets the basic need for cleanliness and sand bathing. The outlet flaps close automatically at dusk to keep all predators and rodents away at night.

The technically comfortable solution

From the hydraulic chassis to the extremely powerful solar generator, the automatic feeding system and the continuously dimmable lighting, the HüMo PLUS Kombi makes laying and fattening operations as easy as possible.

The Siemens LOGO! electronic control unit saves you a lot of work in your day-to-day operations. In the HüMo PLUS Kombi, light, outlet flaps, feeding times and nest lock release can be individually adjusted according to your wishes. The daylight is extended with the twilight function always taking animal welfare into account. This ensures optimal care of the livestock and best conditions for very good laying performance.

Maximum flexibility over years

Fully mobile chicken farming offers plenty of potential for direct marketing. At the beginning, many of our henhouse operators could not begin to imagine all the possibilities. With the versatility of the HüMo PLUS Kombi, you can keep your options open and your work management schedule simple.