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    HüMo MAX XL 1200

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HüMo MAX XL 1200

The large Hühnermobil without compromises

The HüMo MAX XL 1200 is our large solution for up to 1400 hens and is fully mobile despite its size. The hydraulic, soil-protecting chassis of the barn in connection with the closed base plate allows the weekly offset just as comfortably as our smaller models.

lt. ÖkoVo (corresponds to approx. 6 hens/m²) up to 1200 hens
lt. Animal welfareAnimalVo (corresponds to approx. 7 hens/m²) up to 1400 hens
The number of hens may vary from country to country


HüMo MAX XL 1200

Full mobility

Our HüMo MAX XL 1200 is completely self-sufficient and functional: The intelligent Astro control automatically regulates the functions of the barn and automatically adjusts the times of operation to the position of the sun throughout the year. The supply of feed and water to the barn can be easily carried out via the external supply connections. Due to the independent power generation and supply, no power connection is required. The generous tyres on the HüMo MAX XL 1200 also ensure low ground pressure and high manoeuvrability. In a few minutes the stable will be moved by one person.

functional areas

Upper level: supply and rest area including laying nests

The stable has everything that chickens need all year round: Plenty of light and fresh air, good supply through automatic feeding, raised wooden perches, safe laying nests scattered with spelt, which do not have to be re-aligned at every new location, and plenty of space for retreat or movement. The feed hopper can be filled from the outside and holds feed for approx. 1 week.

Hygienic advantage: hydraulic manure belt, “guided” on request

The barn is mucked weekly over the hydraulic manure belt. We have developed guided manure belts especially for mobile use, even on slight slopes, which are particularly resistant and durable and are offered as additional equipment.

Lower level: Dry scratch room for employment and personal hygiene

The scattered base plate serves as a dry scratching area. Flooded with light, it meets the basic need for cleanliness and sand bathing. Automatic outlet flaps open for the animals during the day to let them out to pasture and close in the evening to keep enemies and rodents away from the barn at night.

Interchangeable chassis for more economy

The HüMo MAX XL 1200 is equipped with an interchangeable chassis that can be used for several large chicken mobile homes. This significantly reduces mobility costs as the number of stables increases.

Healthy business development

The commitment to high quality and animal-friendly husbandry methods is visibly experienced and rewarded by customers. The barn system adapts to the company’s development and can be flexibly expanded with the growing attractive egg sales.