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    HüMo MAX 800

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HüMo MAX 800

The versatile solution for large direct marketers

The HüMo MAX 800 makes it possible to keep larger animal groups economically and fully mobile for the grown market. This ensures a unique position in the regional market and thus reliably attractive prices.

lt. ÖkoVo (corresponds to approx. 6 hens/m²) up to 800 hens
lt. Animal welfareAnimalVo (corresponds to approx. 7 hens/m²) up to 950 hens
The number of hens may vary from country to country


HüMo MAX 800

Full mobility

The difference is made by the self-sufficient mobility: The hydraulic, soil-protecting chassis in the central part of the barn enables a particularly fast and uncomplicated offset. This technically clever solution with its generous tyres ensures low ground pressure and high manoeuvrability. Power is generated and supplied by a powerful solar generator.

functional areas

Upper level: supply and rest area including laying nests

In this area you will find the automatic feeding, the drinking troughs and raised perches. The safe and interspersed nests are particularly well suited to the mobility of the stable. The storage containers for food and water can be filled from the outside and last for about 10 days.

Hygienic advantage: hydraulic manure belt

Good stable air without power supply – realized by hydraulically driven dung belts. Available guided on request, particularly low-maintenance and durable. Reliable operation even on slight slopes.

Lower level: Dry scratch room for employment and personal hygiene

The scattered base plate serves as a dry scratching area. Flooded with light, it meets the basic need for cleanliness and sand bathing. Automatic outlet flaps open for the animals during the day to let them out to pasture and close in the evening to keep enemies and rodents away from the barn at night.

Particular manoeuvrability despite size

Despite its size, the stall was moved almost as quickly as the small stables – even on slight slopes. The clever chassis distributes the ground pressure and allows great manoeuvrability without much horsepower.

Healthy business development

Many success stories of our customers show how the gradual development of chicken farming has become a stable mainstay of the farm, which clearly promotes other branches of industry. The HüMo MAX 800 chicken mobile is the logical step to meet this steady and healthy growth with the optimal stable system.